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AM-100 Bench Top Sealer

Hand Sealer Features:

  • Compact size for easy portability
  • Main power switch, mode and up/down controls simplify use and operation
  • All heavy duty steel construction cabinetry (not plastic) for electronics
  • Easy to use soft touch key pad with display screen shows
  • Power level displayed in percentage of full scale
  • Sealing time in 0.1 second increments
  • Dual user friendly operator system as standard
       A. Hand held sealing head with thumb switch activation
       B. Table mount support system (hands-free) for containers up to 12” tall utilizing bottle photo-eye for self-starting
  • LED display of individual, fully adjustable settings for both power level and sealing time
  • Sealer operates on 125V, 1 Phase, 50/60 HZ standard (factory set)
  • One specially designed standard proprietary sealing head accommodates up to 20mm to 65mm caps. An optional second larger sealing head for 50mm to 120mm standard flat caps is available
  • Visual and audible signals tell when bottle is done sealing. Time counts down in 0.1 second increments on digital display
  • Fully adjustable stand with tool-less sealing head height adjustment for easy and accurate set-up and repeatability. Eliminates the need to hold the sealing head. Sealing head is automatically supported parallel to the cap to provide the optimum seal (Optional) – See next page for Specials.
  • Automatic photoelectric switch under sealing head eliminates the need for finger switches and foot pedals to start sealing cycle
  • Adjustable “V” stop centering guide for positive bottle placement under sealing head with laser etched bottle placement target area
  • Advanced solid state electronic circuitry delivers high efficiency sealing power and long term reliability. Hands-free design ensures accurate fast, reliable sealing and eliminates operator fatigue